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A Design Strategy For the New Millennium in Santa Cruz, California

Ecotopia is the restoration of the organic integrity of nature first of all in terms of food production, as Alan Chadwick demonstrated in his application of French Intensive and Biodynamic procedures and principles at the Alan Chadwick Garden at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The spirit of ecotopia was established in that project almost a quarter of a century ago. It is now time to fulfill the spirit of ecotopia in a five year plan for the turn of the millennia.

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Paul A. Lee

The Man Behind the Scenes Who Made it All Possible

Paul Lee is a retired Professor of Philosophy and Theology living in Santa Cruz, California where he continues his work with the homeless crisis supporting Food Not Bombs (Keith McHenry) and the Warming Center (Brent Adams).

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Paul Lee (environmentalist) Wikipedia page

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Paul Lee's Book

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