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The Homeless Garden Project

Homeless Garden Project recently moved from it's original site, north of Lighthouse Field, to a new, temporary location on Shaffer Road, immediately north of Natural Bridges State Beach. The Garden employs up to twenty homeless men and women who are trained in the Chadwick Method of food and flower production -- a combination of the French Intensive and Biodynamic systems of horticulture and agriculture. The Garden is loosely affiliated with the UCSC Agro-ecology Program as a resource for personnel and training.

The Garden provides a therapeutic context that promotes homeless peoples' integration into society through meaningful labor. The environment promotes the restoration of self-esteem, integrity and responsibility. By applying organic, bio-intensive methods, the Garden enhances the fertility of the earth and provides food for the community. The project is a catalyst for networking available resources and developing a strong sense of community. The Garden Project hopes to move towards greater economic self-sufficiency, but it currently depends on foundation grants, private contributions, and a Community Supported Agriculture Program.

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