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Back in the EcoTopia Saddle

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Santa Cruz High School drawn by architect, William H. Weeks.

Back in the saddle after three months at our retreat–Cisco Point–in Phelps, Wisconsin where I kept myself busy by writing drafts of two books.

How To Become A Spiritual Millionaire When Money Is No Object tells the story of nonprofit corporations in this country, their historical background, as I see it, in the radical reformation of the sectarian movements in Europe which established the principle of voluntary association. The nonprofit corporation is the legal form of a voluntary association. I develop the theme of an economy of gift which I learned from Alan Chadwick who gave everything he grew away, freely and gladly, and there was always more to give, i.e., the principle of plenitude which confirms an economy of gift. I had already learned the gift theme from Erik Erikson who once told me that his definition of identity was “you have it to give it away”. Paul Ricoeur introduced me to the concept of an economy of gift and develops this theme in his essay on “The Golden Rule”.

The other book is an effort to deliver myself of my knowledge of herbal health care based on my period as Executive Director of the Herb Trade Association, in the late ’70’s, with responsibilities for organizing the national industry. It is a cookbook: Being and Thyme. Both efforts are just over a hundred pages. Not bad for a left hander.

Our Garden in the Mind Team is hard at work on grants and planning for the Circle Trail and the anticipated move of the Homeless Garden Project to Pogonip.

I am going to be speaking at the Homeless Forum on Oct. 8th at 7:00 pm at the Santa Cruz High School Auditorium. Hope to see you there.

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