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Ecology Hall of Fame

Dedicated to heroes of the American environmental movement.

We are pleased to present our six charter inductees:

Additional people honored in the Ecology Hall of Fame:

  1. Edward Abbey — Author

  2. Archie “Grey Owl” Belaney — Personality

  3. David Brower — Activist

  4. John Denver — Singer

  5. William O. Douglas — Supreme Court Justice

  6. Rosalie Edge — Activist

  7. Celia Hunter — Activist

  8. Robert “Bob” Marshall — Activist

  9. Eugene Odum — Ecologist

  10. Ed Ricketts — Biologist

  11. Theodore Roosevelt — President

Living Legends of the environmental movement:

  1. Lois Gibbs — Activist

  2. Julia Butterfly Hill — Activist

  3. Ruth Patrick — Biologist

  4. Pete Seeger — Singer, Activist

  5. Gary Snyder — Poet

  6. Terry Tempest Williams — Author, Activist

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